Is Your Organization Prepared for Leadership Succession?

Is Your Organization Prepared for Leadership Succession?

By Don G. McDermott of D.G. McDermott Associates

Succession planning is an important and often neglected aspect of leadership and talent development for many organizations. In our work with clients, we’ve seen that many are unprepared for sudden – or even expected – leadership changes in their companies. They do not have a plan in place to fill key positions vacated due to retirement, promotions, resignations, death or illness.

Does this describe your company? If it does, then the D.G. McDermott Associate’s Guide to the Ins and Outs of Succession Planning and Compensation is a must-read.

In this complimentary 22-page guide, you will learn:

  • What the general principles of succession planning are – so that you can begin to prepare for the unexpected.
  • Why your company MUST HAVE a plan in place, and how to develop your plan.
  • What role compensation plays in succession planning and key considerations for building a compensation structure that supports your succession plan.
  • How family owned businesses should approach succession planning and why a family council is crucial to your plan.
  • What compensation factors are important when you must hire outside talent to fill leadership gaps.

Start getting your company’s succession plan on the right track today. Download the Guide.

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