How to Document Your Sales Compensation Plan

We are often involved in reviewing a client’s sales compensation plan document for clarity and completeness. What we find when we read this document is that it appears to have been “written by attorneys for attorneys.” If your sales compensation plan document is the primary means by which you communicate compensation to your sales [...]

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Pay Ratio Overview: “Much Ado About Nothing”

“In a false quarrel there is no true valour.”   (Benedick, Act 5 Scene 1) Pay Ratio reporting was inserted into Dodd-Frank at the urging of organized labor. The AFL-CIO has tracked the ratio of the average proxy reported total compensation of S&P 500 CEOs to the Bureau of Labor Standards’ average wages paid to [...]

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Executive Pay Trends

Here's what we're seeing as the trends in executive pay Base Salaries Consistent with recent years, median increase will be 3% 42% held CEO salaries flat, 17% held flat for other executives With repeal of Section 162(m) some companies are considering changing base/bonus mix Annual Incentives Goals set based on multiple factors Budget Guidance [...]

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