About Compensation Insights

Founded in 2013, Compensation Insights is a consortium of top compensation strategy experts in executive and employee compensation practices at eight leading compensation consulting firms across the U.S.

With deep experience in incentive compensation and pay structures, compensation regulation and policy development, Compensation Insight’s experienced management consultants advise top-tier Boards of Directors, corporate management teams and HR professionals about the latest compensation solutions driving enhanced performance and results.

Board Advisory
Compensation Works
D.G. McDermott Associates
Paradox Compensation Advisors
Phillip Blount & Associates
Total Compensation Solutions
Wilson Group

  • Our Compensation Experts

Billie Day – Paradox Compensation Advisors
Ann Fosburgh – Compensation Works
Don McDermott – D.G. McDermott Associates
Jeff McCutcheon – Board Advisory
Marsha Cameron – Paradox Compensation Advisors
Paul Gavejian – Total Compensation Solutions
Paul McConnell – Board Advisory
Phillip Blount – Phillip Blount & Associates
Tom Wilson – Wilson Group