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Board Advisory is a boutique consulting firm focused on addressing aspects of the contemporary boards’ responsibilities for executive compensation, talent acquisition, performance, retention and succession.  We operate as a high-touch, high-involvement firm, and typically develop a very deep involvement with our clients.  We start from the premise that it all starts with the strategy, and we invest first in understanding our client’s business model and strategy before we opine on pay, performance and succession matters.  We don’t sell salary data, “best practices” or hefty reports; we provide informed advice that is a product of our experience (our advisors bring over 25 years of experience each), and a full appreciation of your unique dynamics.

We structure our organization around the needs of the Board.  Our compensation advisory clients value our accessibility and our first-hand understanding of the issues.  We do not employ legions of associates to create reports delivered by more senior advisors.  Board Advisory clients can be confident their advisor is thoroughly involved in all aspects of our research, findings and recommendations, and is generally available with a single phone call to discuss their issues.

Frequently, when companies face strategic challenges, these challenges present themselves as compensation issues: unremarkable performance from a leader with a career history of success, a revolving door in the C-suite, a company trajectory that’s misaligned with its mission or values, or an inability to attract the executive talent required to lead.  These symptoms can often be addressed with effective compensation practices, but frequently we find the symptoms related to gaps or unseen obstacles in the underlying business strategy.  We find the issues are often complex and the risks are high – and responsibility for resolution typically falls squarely on the board of directors.  We provide expertise to manage risk, reduce complexity and develop clear solutions in which you and your investors can have confidence.

We have deep industry expertise in technology, banking and insurance, real estate and REITs, healthcare, defense and government services, retail and a number of other industries. More important however, is that we have experience in unusual circumstances such as turnarounds, recapitalizations, IPO/M&A/sale situations, activist challenges, PE/going private efforts, and alternate ownership structures where means and medians are far less important than situational awareness.  We provide boards with knowledgeable, experienced guidance when simply replicating peer behavior or implementing “best practices” is no longer a viable or relevant alternative.

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