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Cofounded by Marsha Cameron and Billie Day, Texas-based Paradox Compensation Advisors brings clients more than five decades of compensation and human resources consulting experience.

Paradox specializes in helping clients, large and small, develop and implement compensation programs that are aligned with their business mission and objectives, are fair and are compliant with compensation regulations and policy. Our deep experience working with a wide range of clients and compensation challenges allows us to deliver “big firm” expertise – without the extraordinary overhead or bureaucratic inertia of larger agencies.

Why Work With Paradox Compensation Advisors?

Billie Day Paradox is an end-to-end compensation development and advisory firm. An effective compensation system drives performance – for both your employees and your organization. Organizations choose Paradox because they want trusted advisers who have a broad understanding of compensation practices, and who can also expertly guide projects from initiation through implementation. Paradox specializes in helping clients large and small develop and implement compensation programs that are aligned with their mission and objectives, fair and compliant.

Benefits of working with Paradox:

  • “Big-firm”  skills and experience with boutique responsiveness
  • Efficiencies due to significant investment in technology and  compensation data
  • 24/7 secure client access to data and up-to-date findings
  • Senior-level consultants with extensive compensation and executive experience
  • Public and private company experience across a broad range of industries, governmental and non-profits

Our Comprehensive Suite of Compensation Consulting Services include:

Reward Programs

  • Compensation philosophy, strategy and program design
  • Broad-based compensation benchmarking
  • Executive compensation benchmarking
  • Annual incentive plan design
  • Sales compensation
  • Pay-for-performance methods & guidelines (including performance management)
  • Long-term incentives and employee ownership
  • Non-cash recognition

Management Tools

  • Job Analysis
  • Job descriptions
  • Job evaluation
  • Compensation plan documentation
  • Compensation communications
  • Executive & other agreements
  • Human Resources Policies & procedures
  • Management and employee training on compensation
  • Administrative tools (e.g., bonus/salary management)

Regulatory Compliance

  • Employment laws (FLSA, contractors, etc.)
  • Board and Compensation Committee support
  • Section 409-A compliance

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