Vivient Consulting is excited to announce that we are expanding our offerings to provide quality executive compensation data and have partnered with D.G. McDermott and Wilson Group to conduct a survey of executive compensation specifically tailored to private, mid-market companies.

The 2018 compensation survey which closes to participation on June 30th, 2018, will provide participants with current pay levels, trends and insights on executive compensation.

Why Participate?

Currently, there are few resources available for private, mid-market organizations to find relevant data on executive compensation. This survey will fill a vital need in the market segment and provide participating organizations with easy-to-read and valuable information for evaluating executive base salaries, bonuses, long-term incentives and executive benefits.

What are the Costs and Benefits?

Participation in this private company compensation survey is free!

When you participate in the 2018 Middle Market Executive Compensation Survey, you will receive a detailed analysisincluding:

  • High-level dashboard summary of top-line survey results.  
  • An easy-to-read overview that highlights pertinent results and top-line analysis.
  • Detailed real-world comparisons. Your company data will be compared to other respondents by position then by geographic area, revenues, ownership type, and industry category.
  • Data summaries by job title. Data is segmented by 14 senior management job titles so that you can easily compare compensation by position.

The cost of the detailed survey report to participating companies is $1,500 USD.  Non-participants will not be allowed to purchase the survey results.

The deadline for participation in the survey is June 30th 2018.

Learn more and register now to participate in the survey.

Please feel free to forward this link to other companies who might be interested in this survey’s results.