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Non-Profit Organizations and the Intermediate Sanctions Rule

BE AWARE OF REASONABLENESS OF COMPENSATION RULES The Internal Revenue Service has specific rules for compliance under the Intermediate Sanctions ruling (IRC Section 4958) regarding reasonableness of compensation. These rules apply to nonprofits that take donations in all sectors of the economy. These organizations should periodically review the compensation levels for their most senior [...]

Hospital/Healthcare Performance Evaluation

The Board of Directors and management in hospitals and healthcare institutions rely on third party, objective comparability studies to ensure that executive pay is reasonable.  Its relatively easy to identify and acquire objective sources with real-time compensation data.  Using these sources, any healthcare organization can establish a range of compensation opportunities for the executive [...]

Make Your Performance Management System Work Harder & Better For You

By  Total Compensation Solutions We hear all the reasons why performance management doesn’t work and wonder “are there companies that are doing this well?” I am happy to report that there are companies that take the process seriously and have an effective program in place. There is an insurance company headquartered in the Midwest that [...]

Why Doesn’t My Performance Management System Work?

By Total Compensation Solutions Performance management is the scourge of most managers in this country. In my 30 plus years in human resources working in corporations and consulting, one of the most frequent complaints is that the current performance management system just doesn’t work. Why? The two more frequent reasons we hear are: “The merit [...]

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