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How to Document Your Sales Compensation Plan

We are often involved in reviewing a client’s sales compensation plan document for clarity and completeness. What we find when we read this document is that it appears to have been “written by attorneys for attorneys.” If your sales compensation plan document is the primary means by which you communicate compensation to your sales [...]

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2018 Executive Compensation Survey Launched for Private, Middle Market Companies

Independent Compensation Advisors members, D. G. McDermott Associates, the Wilson Group and Vivient Consulting, announce the roll-out of a new 2018 Executive Compensation Survey specifically designed for privately held, middle market companies in the U.S. This 2018 executive compensation survey gives Board Compensation Committees the opportunity to compare executive compensation data and CEO pay [...]

The Top Five Elements of a Strong Severance Pay Policy

By Tom Wilson and Susan Malanowski at the Wilson Group The below article highlighting the five key elements of a strong employee and/or executive severance policy is a summary of the compensation data compiled in the Wilson group's compensation survey: 2017 Severance and Paid-Time Off: Results from the Special Survey. Forty-five companies from a variety of [...]

Don’t Confuse the “Cost of Living” with the “Cost of Labor” in Salary & Pay Planning

By Susan Malanowski of Wilson Group In working with compensation consulting clients in the development and management of base pay programs, at Wilson Group, we frequently hear about or receive questions about the geographic "cost of living" being used to determine or justify salary and pay rates. For example, “our Stanford, CT location has a [...]

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