The Case for Implementing Geographic Pay

By Ann Fosburgh - Compensation Works With significant advances in technology and the availability of reliable internet service as the standard, professionals in every industry have the flexibility to work virtually anywhere. Distributed work forces with teams of employees and managers in different cities are increasingly common. The result of this increasingly global workforce [...]

Make Your Performance Management System Work Harder & Better For You

By  Total Compensation Solutions We hear all the reasons why performance management doesn’t work and wonder “are there companies that are doing this well?” I am happy to report that there are companies that take the process seriously and have an effective program in place. There is an insurance company headquartered in the Midwest that [...]

Why Doesn’t My Performance Management System Work?

By Total Compensation Solutions Performance management is the scourge of most managers in this country. In my 30 plus years in human resources working in corporations and consulting, one of the most frequent complaints is that the current performance management system just doesn’t work. Why? The two more frequent reasons we hear are: “The merit [...]

2018 Private Company Compensation Survey: Call For Participation

Vivient Consulting is excited to announce that we are expanding our offerings to provide quality executive compensation data and have partnered with D.G. McDermott and Wilson Group to conduct a survey of executive compensation specifically tailored to private, mid-market companies. The 2018 compensation survey which closes to participation on June 30th, 2018, will provide participants with current [...]

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Short-Term Incentive Compensation Increasing Beyond Executive Ranks

Short-term, cash incentives continue to dominate the compensation and incentive-pay landscape at both private companies and nonprofit/government organizations according to salary and compensation survey research released in May 2018 by WorldatWork in partnership with Independent Compensation Advisors member, Vivient Consulting. “Spending on short-term incentives (STIs) increased modestly at private companies from 2015 to 2017, which [...]

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