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With deep experience in executive and employee compensation planning including pay for performance, total rewards, incentive compensation and pay structures, regulation and policy development, our compensation consultants advise Boards of Directors, corporate management teams and HR professionals about the latest compensation solutions driving enhanced performance and results.

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“Pay For Performance” Made Simple

By Paul McConnell & Jeff McCutcheon With the introduction of shareholder “Say on Pay” votes, an entire industry formed to demonstrate the degree of alignment between executive pay and corporate performance or to challenge the result (the underlying assumption being that the two should be... Read more →

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Key Components of an Effective Total Compensation Strategy

When a firm develops its business strategy, there are usually several components. The strategy is viewed first within a context of the market, environment, regulatory factors and other elements that will impact the business. Likewise, a total rewards strategy needs an organizational context that defines essential elements of the plan. It needs to be relevant in the environment in which it operates. Read more →

Western Regional Banks CEO Pay Relies on Cash

Vivient Consulting’s analysis of CEO pay at regional banks in the West shows that CEO pay is predominantly cash-based.  Vivient Consulting reviewed the 2014 proxy data of 40 Western regional banks ranging in assets from $500 million to $10 billion.  Our findings show median salary... Read more →

Employee Engagement is the New Black

By Catherine Dovey Much has been said about employee engagement over the last few years as companies focus on maximizing employee productivity. Companies, regardless of their ability to bring in new talent, should be nurturing the talent they have. Data suggests that as a company’s... Read more →