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Compensation Insights is a consortium of 8 compensation companies and firms across the U.S. with experts in executive and employee compensation strategy and planning.

With deep experience in executive and employee compensation planning including pay for performance, total rewards, incentive compensation and pay structures, regulation and policy development, our compensation consultants advise Boards of Directors, corporate management teams and HR professionals about the latest compensation solutions driving enhanced performance and results.



  • Does Investor Relations Expertise Belong On the Board? August
    Times sure have changed. Whether a company’s equity is owned by a few venture capitalists or a league of activist investors, investors today want to have their say about where the company is headed and who is leading it. Perhaps the time has come for companies, both public and private, to consider better use of... […]
    Robert D. Ferris
  • What Boards Should Look for in Corporate Ethics and Compliance Programs August
    One of the board‘s key responsibilities is the oversight of a company’s conduct, including the strength of its culture and the effectiveness of its ethics & compliance (E&C) program. In recent years, that responsibility has become even weightier. Recent corporate scandals, such as Volkswagen, Unaoil, and Mitsubishi Motors, have created public skepticism about business ethics,... […]
    Patricia Harned and Ronnie Kann
  • Is Internal Audit Meeting the Board’s Expectations? August
    Recently, the world’s largest ongoing study of the internal audit profession—the Global Internal Audit Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK)—was completed by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and Protiviti to ascertain expectations from key stakeholders regarding internal audit performance at organizations of varying operational models and sizes. The study sought input from members of audit... […]
    Jim DeLoach


  • The 2016 Proxy Season: Proxy Access Proposals August
    For the second year in a row, the most prevalent governance-related shareholder proposals in 2016 were those that sought to implement proxy access, a mechanism allowing shareholders to nominate directors and have those nominees listed in the company’s proxy statement and on the company’s proxy card. While the continuing momentum of proxy access proposals is […]
  • Capitalizing on Capitol Hill: Informed Trading by Hedge Fund Managers August
    Governments play an increasingly prominent role in influencing firms and stock prices. According to a Duke University/CFO Magazine Business Outlook Survey in 2013, federal government policies rank second only to consumer demand among the top three external concerns corporations face. The profound effects of political decisions on corporate performance and stock prices are evidenced by […]
  • Weekly Roundup: August 19–August 25, 2016 August
    Creating a Foundation for a Substantive Debate on Proxy Access Proposals Posted by Bernard S. Sharfman, R Street Institute, on Friday, August 19, 2016 Tags: Boards of Directors, CFA Institute, Proxy access, Proxy season, Proxy voting, SEC, Securities regulation,Shareholder activism, Shareholder nominations, Shareholder proposals, Shareholder rights, Shareholder value,Shareholder voting The Recent Decline in Legal Challenges […]